What will FLIP Marketing and SEO do for YOU?

Flip Marketing and SEO will handle ALL your marketing and SEO needs so you have a COHESIVE MARKETING PLAN across all medias. Our unique strategies will bring YOU success which ultimately is OUR success!


We will make your website the industry authority so you will obtain FREE search traffic from all the search engines.  We also get your website ranked on Google Maps.

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We will design your website with premium Search Engine Optimization.  We will also handle your social campaign so your company has the best internet presence possible.

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FLIP does more then just internet marketing, we will do print layouts, TV commercials and annual campaign buys.  We can help you with any marketing need you have.

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Prior Work

We create quality designs and content which will make your website the leading authority in your industry.

Our Client's Love us

Jarrett Remodeling

Flip Marketing and SEO created new business cards and flyers for my clients. They also designed a new website with a ton of content and my portfolio pictures. I feel confident when I go to a new client's house knowing I can show them a professional looking website and matching business cards and other branded materials. www.JarrettRemodeling.com

Carly DeNayer

I started a new business and did not know how to get new clients. I hired Flip Marketing and SEO to do a new website, do a PPC campaign and create some brochures and business cards for my new business. I have grown so fast I had to hire an employee to help me manage the new clients. I really appreciate the expertise and experience of Flip Marketing.

Dan Schoehnerr

Flip Marketing made an entirely new website for my company Sun Cellular. We have lots of competition in the Phoenix area, and they were able to get our site ranked within the top 3 positions on Google! The site is very simple and easy to use which is exactly what I wanted. I would suggest Flip Marketing to anyone. www.suncellularinc.com

Rachel Radiger

We used Flip Marketing for our website design. We were very impressed with the amount of time they spent getting information about our company so they could apply it to our website. They researched everything in such detail and created a dominating website for us.

Chris Gramet

Thank you for designing a great website. You wrote a huge amount of custom content which has helped my site climb the Google Ranks. You also got my business listed on Google Maps with a ton of customer reviews which has brought us a lot more customers each month. Thank you again.


We hired Flip Marketing for our Tshirt business. They went above and beyond our expectations. They have explained everything in detail and helped us come up with a customized marketing strategy for our business. We now have a website with all of our inventory options which makes it very easy for our clients to see what's available and pick their preferred garments.

Meet FLIP Marketing and SEO

We treat each of our clients as we would like to be treated. We return phone calls, we return emails, we send status updates, we analyze data to make the best decisions and we complete the work timely….you are not just a number to us! FLIP Marketing and SEO provides unbeatable customer service for every client. We know your business is your pride and joy and YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR SUCCESS. Each package is 100% customized for your business with the best marketing strategy for you to complete your goals.

Feather & Paul Proctor

We are the owners of Flip Marketing and SEO.  We

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If we create your website, we will give you 1 FREE MONTH of SEO services, AND give you big discounts on managing your Adwords Account. Ask us about our Special Offer.

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Flip Marketing Smile

Wacky Wednesday – Smile

Find Your Smile Sometimes it’s hard to find your smile on a Wednesday, but stay motivated!  I am a “cup is half full” person, so once I wake up on Wednesday I know there are “only 2 more wake ups” until the weekend. (Can you tell I’m a mom?)  I have always been a believer

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The Art of Blogging

Why is blogging so intimidating? Blogging is intimidating for pretty much everyone – WHY?  There are a lot of answers, but the main reason is because we, as bloggers, don’t have confidence.  We aren’t confident people are going to like….or care….about what we have to say, we aren’t confident what to write about. We aren’t

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A blog is necessary

Why do I have to Blog?

Blogging is an important part of your website People don’t realize that blogging is more then “selling” yourself or educating people about your business.  It DOES work for that also, but the main reason a blog is important for your website is for the CONTENT.  I have talked about Content is King in the past. 

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Adwords Marketing

Introduction to Adwords

Introduction to Adwords – PPC Adwords is a fancy name for the ads that are listed on Google.  Bing and other search engines have their own version of Adwords as well.  Other words that are synonymous with Adwords is PPC (Pay Per Click) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing).  The reason they call it Pay Per

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Act to make change

Make a Change

Change doesn’t happen unless you do something different This is one of my favorite sayings and my motto for 2018!  I have always believed this, but never really followed through with it.  I have always “talked” about what I am going to do or how I should do it, but never found the time, energy

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SEO Flip Marketing and SEO

What is SEO

What is SEO – Search Engine Optimization SEO is also known as Search Engine Optimization.  It’s a fancy way of saying you want to get your website to come up first on Google or other search engines.  SEO has become a very “hot” topic for many business owners.  There are definitely tricks of SEO but

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Meet Feather Proctor

Meet Feather Proctor

Feather Proctor – Owner of Scottsdale SEO and Marketing Firm Hi – My name is Feather Proctor and I am the proud owner of Flip Marketing and SEO, along with my husband Paul.  I am sure you read our bio, so here I wanted to introduce myself on a more personal level.  I am the

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